7 Best Pieces Of Tech For The Office

It can be tough to hit the gym when working a 9-5 office job. Throw in the commute to and from work and you are absolutely drained, but you can get your fitness on right at the job. Here’s 7 pieces of tech for the office.



Dumbbell Alarm Clock
Half dumbbell, half alarm clock, this little fitness tool is waiting to blow up your guns! If you want to turn off the alarm you have to do 30 curls. Grab yours for under $20 on Amazon!

gymgym chair


GymGym chair
It sounds stupid we know, but once you get pass the name you will see that this exercise machine will leave you feeling the burn. The GymGym chair allows you to work your arms, back, shoulders, legs and core. It’s a little on the pricer side, like $799 pricey  but, health is wealth right?

balance ballchair


Balance ball chair
The Balance ball chair is a great alternative to a regular chair as it takes pressure off your butt and back while giving you a major abs workout. It takes a little while getting used to sitting in one but for just about $80 it’s worth it.

SpringFlex UB


Springflex UB
The Springflex UB claim to fame is that you can do 120 exercises without leaving your chair. I only know 6 exercises to do with this baby but for the fitness buff, here’s a simple yet effective alternative to get ripped while at the job. The real question is, are you down to drop $90 on this.hand fitness trainer


Hand Fitness Trainer
This five finger workout gear is the perfect answer to fighting off carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and tendinitis. Slip on the glove and go to work. For $29.95, the Hand Fitness Trainer is all yours.


One half treadmill, one half workstation, this hybrid machine is the perfect answer to being fit and productive. For $4,459, you can get into some of the best shape of your life, while getting your work done.


The DeskCycle
The title is self-explanatory. You pedal while you work. With over a 4.5 rating on Amazon and a $159 pricetag, it’s certainly worth checking out.