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7 Geekiest Things We Look Forward To At Comic-Con

Another year, another Comic-Con. Here’s 9 of the geekiest things we look forward to at this year’s Comic-Con.

Star Wars Comic Con
Anything and everything Star Wars
Whether you’re a fanboy or girl of the series, you can’t help to be excited to see what Disney does with the Star Wars franchise. Comic Con is going to be a chance to get deeper insight into the upcoming movie.

The Cosplayers

The Cosplayers
There is no Comic Con without cosplay. We’re looking forward to seeing the amazing costumes that cosplayers will be rocking. Ya, our inner geek is screaming right now!

Ash vs. The Evil Dead

Ash vs. The Evil Dead panel
23 years! Yes, it’s been 23 years since Bruce Campbell since fans have seen him take up the chainsaw and fight against the forces of darkness. That’s all set to change as Campbell will reprise his role Starz Ash vs. the Evil Dead and he’ll be at Comic Con talking about it.

The Art

The Art
Not to be outdone by the cosplayers, but fan art is major at Comic Con. There’s some pretty stunning and amazing art to check out when you’re not checking out a panel. We can’t wait to soak our eyeballs in all of it.

Toys and figures

The Toys and Statues
Toys, toys, all types of toys. If you are a collector, you’ll be in toy heaven. Here’s your chance to grab toys from Sideshow Collectibles, Hasbro, Gentle Giant, LEGO, Hot Toys, Square Enix, NECA, Funko, McFarlane, Kotobukiya, Mattel, and so many more! Hide your wallet because some of these things have steep price tags!

david hasselhoff

The Hoff
The Hoff himself will be in the building. If you don’t know who David Hasselhoff is…then we just feel sorry for you.

game of thrones comic con

Game of Thrones
Can we really ever get enough of Game of Thrones? Probably not and because it’s Comic Con, we’re pretty geeked that the cast will be attending.