Micro-Bit diagram

BBC Teaches Kids To Code With Micro-Bit


The BBC is known for producing and showcasing entertaining shows such as Luther and Doctor Who, but now they are shifting gears and looking to do more than just entertain.

This past week the BBC released the Micro-Bit, a mini-programmable computer created to teach children how to code and build hardware products.

The device which is around the size of a credit card will be given away to every child in Year 7 (6th grade in the U.S.) that is enrolled in school around the United Kingdom. That totals to around one million students who will receive the device at the start of the upcoming school year. The BBC isn’t stopping there.

A website that will teach children how to code will accompany the launch of the Micro-Bit. BBC has stated that the website will work on both a computer or laptop as well as mobile devices. Students will be able to learn various programming languages such as Javascript, Python, C++ and more! The best part is, code that is created on the website can be deployed right on the Micro-Bit via Bluetooth or a USB connection.

Microsoft, Samsung and ARM element14 (which are the makers of a similar mini-programmable computer) all chipped in with development of the Micro-Bit. Not only will BBC be making the device accessible in the UK but they are selling the Micro-Bit for customers throughout the world.

Good job BBC, good job.