Doppler Earbuds


Hoverboards, drones, giant fighting robots and now earbuds that can change the sounds around you. The future is here!

Noah Kraft, the CEO of Dopper Labs is looking to usher in the new era of hearables and with $17 million in backing from Live Nation Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Hans Zimmer, Tiesto and more, this isn’t a dream any longer but soon to be a reality.

The New York based wearable tech company is introducing the world to Here, a wireless interactive listening system. While the idea isn’t necessarily new, the implementation by Doppler Labs is what sets this company apart from everyone else.

Using a series of algorithms, Here receives sound from the outside world and modifies the level of sound based off of settings you input on the Here smartphone app. All of this happens in real time and without a significant delay.

This sounds like a bunch of mumbo jumbo, right? What does this mean for a consumer?

Imagine for a second that you’re at a concert and the bass is too loud for your taste. What if you could turn the bass down in order to hear the singers voice? What if you wanted to turn up the echo in a room while muting everything else? That’s exactly what Here allows you to do. Kraft calls this bionic hearing.

With two ear buds and a smartphone app, hearing may never be the same again.