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Everything You Need To Know About Windows 10 OS

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Last week Microsoft unveiled their latest operating system, Windows 10. From what was revealed, Windows 10 is quite a leap from the disappointing Windows 8. And Windows 9, well we guess it just didn’t sound as good. Here’s what you need to know about Microsoft’s Windows 10.


Unified Platform

Microsoft is looking to make it as simple as possible to go from using your Windows tablet, to hopping on your Windows phone, to playing your Xbox and finally browsing on your PC.

Apple and Google have done well in making it easy to sync and switch from device to device, but Microsoft has a slight edge over their competitors thanks to their gaming device, the Xbox One. Microsoft is looking to tap into a popular niche: video game streaming. This unified platform push will make it easy for gamers to stream their game content right to their computer or laptop. Watch out Twitch, you have company.

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