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Finally! Google To Launch It’s Own Wireless Service

Google, the powerful search engine company is stepping into the cellular arena. Confirmed reports from the Wall Street Journal reveal that Google has reached agreements with both T-Mobile and Sprint to use their networks for this new service.

Currently Google provides wireless internet service in select markets and co-collaborates with various companies to release their flagship phone, the Google Nexus.

This move will make Google a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), very similar to cellular providers Cricket Wireless and MetroPCS. Cricket Wireless, a subsidiary of AT&T and MetroPCS, which runs on T-Mobile’s network, allows consumers to buy service directly from them. Google will most likely take this same approach, having consumers purchase their plan through the company while allowing them to bring their own device to the network.

Calls and mobile data will be run through either T-Mobile’s or Sprint’s network depending on if your device uses a sim card (GSM) or does not (CDMA).

The best part about this potential move is that the consumer is the real winner. In the past Google has lobbied the FCC for cheaper internet services; their entry into the cellular arena adds additional competition and options for the consumer.

With the Google Play store, Gmail, the Google Nexus and now cellular coverage, Google will soon control the whole experience in your pocket.

A launch date for the service has not yet been announced but reports are forecasting a debut sometime this year. What do you think of Google moving into Telecom? Will you be changing cellular carriers?