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Google Glass

When the Google Glass was announced I for certain thought the future was here…and then Google proved me wrong. Google Glass was a complete and utter flop and the public experiment was recently shut down, at least that version of the product.


The biggest downfall of the futuristic eyewear was that this all played out in public, for the whole world to see.


The first Google Glass prototype was first unveiled in 2012 and distributed to earlier adopters who forked over $1500 to become a “Google Glass Explorer.” While Google Glass experienced much success such as being named one of the Best Inventions of the Year in 2012, it had it’s fair share of problems too.


This product seemingly plucked out of sci-fi movie ran into issues: privacy concerns, lack of a stylish design and quickly became a symbol of elitism with wearers being labeled “Glasshole.” Ya, you get the point there…the public soon hated Google Glass wearers.


With this chapter of Google Glass ending, another begins. According to the New York Times, Tony Fadell, the creator of the self-learning thermostat Nest is taking over the project.


I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that Google Glass 2.0 will be kept behind closed doors until ready to be revealed to the public. With the release of the Apple Watch one month away, Google has to bring its A game or be ready to be left in the dark.