Google Kicks off their Big 2015 Google IO Conference

Google Kicks off their Big 2015 Google IO Conference

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Google IO 2015 is underway! The mega conference kicked off today with a 9:30am PT/5:30pm BST keynote address, one that will last two and a half hours long.


For those unable to attend, there is a live stream of the keynote below! Scroll down for the latest news from the keynote, too.


News from Google IO 2015


Google is taking the opportunity to announce new products and projects at this conference, such as the next version of Android, plus what’s new with Chrome OS, Android Wear, self-driving cars, Chromebooks and much more.


In the year since Google IO 2014, Google has teased the masses with a number of irresistible products and intriguing concepts, including the Project Ara modular phone, Project Tango tablet, and more Android Wear Smartwatch concepts.


One of the more intriguing storylines of this year’s conference though is competition. Microsoft’s latest Surface 3 and the approaching the release of Windows 10, not to mention its new Microsoft Edge browser and HoloLens AR viewer, should have Google on alert.


Then there’s Apple, which has seen successful iPhone sales and the generally positive reception of its first wearable, the Apple Watch. Plus, it’s got its own WWDC conference coming on the heals of Google IO, and it’s there we should hear more about iOS 9 and the next version of OS X.


Even Google’s more risqué projects, like its self-driving car, are seeing alternatives arise, such as Mercedes and its F 015 Luxury in Motion pod-car of the future.


HBO Now coming to Android


HBO’s streaming service is headed to Android TV and Chromecast, similar to a deal they struck with AppleTV earlier this year. Click here to get more info on how you can have access to the service.


Google Photo Service?


Rumors are starting up that Google plans to drop the “photos” from Google+ Photos and create a standalone photo-sharing platform. Bloomberg detailed the new service as offering editing tools taken from Google+. Users are said to be able to post directly to Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.


Self-driving cars hit the road


Google’s self-driving cars will hit the streets this summer the company announced in May.


You read right, cars that can drive autonomously will leave Google’s test facility and drive on real-world roads in the coming months. It’s still part of the testing phase but shows Google’s buggies are moving closer to public readiness.


Google could also reveal new Android Auto apps, info on aftermarket integration, wireless support and a more specific release date. The G Team has a two Android Auto sessions planned for each day of Google IO, focusing on helping developers create apps for the road. We may not see anything radically new come out of the conference in regards to cars, though Google will want to keep pace with Apple CarPlay.


Android TV … and possibly Chromecast 2


Google TV is officially dead, the company announced in early January, replaced by the burgeoning Android TV platform.


With support ending for Google TV and the one-year anniversary of Android TV’s emergence approaching at Google IO, Google is sure to spend plenty of time talking about the smart TV system this year. Sony plans to put Android TV in all its 2015 models, and developers are now encouraged to create Android TV and Cast-enabled apps.