Microsoft Announces Development Edition Holo Lens


Earlier on Tuesday morning, at the Microsoft Corporation Windows 10 Devices event in New York, the technology firm announced that its futuristic Augmented Reality headset, Holo Lens, will be available for the development community in the first quarter of 2016.

Although, the Development Edition will cost $3000; which is a pretty hefty price tag, but it should be noted that Microsoft’s headset is one-of-a-kind and is not virtual-reality technology.

The price will come as a shocker and a deal-breaker for enthusiasts who may have been hoping to grab a development kit to play with. Given the high-tech futuristic nature of the headset, the price seems reasonable. After the impressive Minecraft demo at E3 2015, Microsoft has once again vowed the audience by demonstrating a new AR game called “Project XRay.” The game features a room with robots and the player must defend himself from the attacks by wearing a holographic weapon on your arm that can shoot lasers. The technology and its possibilities seem exciting, as the demo has showcased.

Microsoft is not alone in wearable technology war. Samsung Co. LTD, Facebook Inc., Sony Corp. and HTC are all gearing up for the future.

However, Microsoft remains distinct from the competition, as the software giant is the only one to offer an augment-reality experience. Microsoft’s latest event has taken the cover off many new exciting products that will be hitting the market.

For those interested in getting hands on the Development Edition of Holo Lens, Microsoft is taking registration for the headset here.