kids and technology

How to Keep Children from Technology Overload

kids and technology

Electronic devices and screens of all sizes can be found everywhere. You’re actually probably reading this on screen. Since we have become so dependent on getting our information and staying connected through technology, our laptops, iPads and mobile phones, how can we expect future generations to not follow in our footsteps?

A blog in the Personal Health section of The New York Times addressed “screen addictions” and the toll they are taking on our children. The blog covers many topics and makes a lot of sense, “Technology is a poor substitute for personal interaction.” Can we really argue with that?

This week’s blog in the same section of The New York Times build’s on last week’s topic. Now that we know that too much technology can actually impair social, emotional and intellectual growth, how do we stop the almost inevitable screen addiction to come?

According to Dr. Steiner-Adair, an author on who has written about the disconnection between Parents and Children in the Digital age, there are two main reasons that influence the behavior of our young ones. The first is that parents are just as involved with their digital devices, which sets a poor example for children to follow. The second reason is the lack of discipline when it comes to how much screen time should actually be allowed.

The lesson here is simple, and the actions to be followed will take some practice but are totally doable. Limit your own screen time, if possible, do not use your phone in front of your children – period. If you must, be brief about it. A child who sees an active and “present” adult is more likely to be that way as well, and not as dependent on a phone, which will benefit them greatly in the long run.