Lyft In Hot Water Over $1,000 Driver Signup Bonus Offer


Drivers are not happy with Lyft after being promised a $1000 bonus for signing up or referring new drivers to join the platform. The deadline to apply was March 3rd but that’s where things got tricky.


In an email that the company sent to drivers, the ridesharing company mentioned that it received the “biggest wave of applicants in Lyft history.”In the same email Lyft also stated that those who have not completed all of the steps for the application process —background check and a first ride — by March 5th will not be eligible for the bonus.

Lyft Drivers

Many drivers took to social media to express their anger as the one thing keeping them from officially becoming a Lyft driver was Lyft’s background check. With such a huge influx of applicants, it seems as if Lyft was not able to handle the increased load.


Armed with frustrations, pending drivers began calling Sterling Background Check —the company who performs the background checks for Lyft — in order to check on their status. A larger number of callers were notified that their check had been completed and sent back to Lyft, making it clear who had dropped the ball.

Social media anger

With the pressure building there was only one thing Lyft could do and that was to extend the deadline.


The new deadline for the bonus is March 12th.


Lyft also released a statement following the incident.


“Lyft learned a lesson this week, and we’re sorry for the frustration it caused you,”the email Lyft sent to drivers read. “We vastly underestimated the volume of applications we would receive for our $1000 referral promotion, which was created to help us keep up with record-breaking passenger demand.”