Valve Vibe VR Device

Valve Reveals Virtual Reality Device

Valve Vibe VR Device

Valve has been planning to launch a virtual reality device at this year’s Game Developers Conference, and on Sunday shed some light into the new device by giving excited fans even bigger news than they were expecting from the new VR tech.

The device is called the Vive, and is going to have a developer version coming out this spring and a consumer version being released later in the year.  The hardware allows users to see 1200×1080 pixel resolution at 90 frames per-second.

Gamers will have to upgrade their hardware in some cases to play the VR games at the resolution and frame rate from Vive, but the images are meant to give users a clear image with little or no stutter while viewing.

Valve teamed up with HTC and Owlchemy Labs to show users the first look at how the VR simulator would look.  They announced the Office VR named ‘Job Simulator’ to show fans how Vive works.  Users can move around instead of sitting down to enjoy the technology in a 15×15 foot radius from their PC’s.  The program allows users to manipulate objects in virtual space as they move around.

More seriously, “It’s thrilling to play a part in the upcoming explosion of consumer VR,” Owlchemy said in this post introducing Job Simulator, “and we’re proud to add another amazing opportunity to the list by being one of only a few select developers building content for some of the most incredible VR hardware in the world.”

Valve is hoping to corner the VR with their Steam app that promotes and sells video games.  They hope along with partnering with HTC that they can sell developer games along with business software to consumers.