What Exactly Is Yik Yak?

yik yak

Yik Yak, the popular anonymous social media app for both iOS and Android has swept the nation and filled the times of millennials.


The app which launched in 2013 lets users post messages or “yak,” to people in a 1.5 mile radius has been used by many to vent, report news, give insight and more. Users are able to upvote or downvote (liking or disliking) post as well as leave comments.


For others, Yik Yak is a place for cyberbullying. Just like Snapchat, Yik Yak has faced similar negative stigma which has kept Yik Yak both relevant and in the news.


The latest turmoil took place at The University of Mary Washington’s campus in Fredericksburg, Virginia where a campus feminist group was relentlessly bullied on the app. Grace Rebecca Mann, a member of the campus feminist group, Feminist United was reportedly strangled to death by her roommate after many threats were made against the group.


While Yik Yak has not been indicted in this case, many have been continuously calling for colleges and schools around the country to ban the app.

While the app has been used to announce school closings and other positive and informative things, this is also not the first time the app has been used for cyberbullying. While the company knows it can’t moderate every message posted, it has taken measures to insure that high schools and middle schools are not able to use the service.